The force behind Dr.Morepen is Morepen Laboratories Limited, a US $ 300 million transactional that is moving rapidly up the value chain.

The miracle of life. The wonder of growth...And the power of healing. At Morepen, these qualities blend effortlessly as we strive to enrich life, enhance growth and reach out with healing tocuh to spread joy. The joy of growing together. 1985 marked a small begining for Morepen; it entered the pharaceuticals 6 TPA of Ampicillin. Today, the saga of Morepen encompasses a glorious journey from bulk drugs to formulations and onwards to consumer care products. A journey of cerating strong brands built through on-going R&D.

Dr. Morepen is envisaged as a forward looking, futuristic, lifestyle driven brand that empowers the modern customers to be in charge of their own health and live life without any stops.

The brand is positioned on a simple philosophy of "health in your hands" A mantra for contemporary life, full of hectic schedules, impending deadlines and tough competition. With Dr. Morepen the distribution of Morepen has moved beyond pharmacist, to super stores, retail outlets & neighbourhood shops.

In a step that would expand Dr. Morepen's franchise into a retail format, Morepen acquired LIFESPRING, the renowned chain of health & beauty stores. Lifespring is an internationally styled, health and beauty chain of retail stores offering a range of nearly 15,000 domestic and international branded products under one roof. Lifespring stores are located at high retail density areas in New Delhi, catering to a wide ensemble of health and beauty customers. The Stores have three sections - Personal Care and Beauty, OTC and Prescription Medicines and Optical Center.